About us


LNS Legal & Consulting firm was created in 2019 by a group of like-minded professionals in TANZANIA looking to make an impact in consulting and professional services. Our team brings a wealth of experience in leading private companies, consulting in above-the-line government agencies, and working with small to medium specialized organisations across Tanzania.

This provides a solid foundation from which we offer specialized, Legal services,project management, business intelligence, public policy and regulatory advice and services to our clients. LNS is all about bringing together the best team of intelligent and critical thinkers, with the right experience to shed light on complicated problems and complex systems. We also think it's important to empower our team to take dynamic action and give them the freedom to innovate when finding solutions. Our professional services expertise pages give you a glimpse of our potential to add value to your Business or organisation.


LNS Legal & Consulting Firm focuses on growing shareholder, employee, and customer value by offering world-class products and services in business management,trainings and Legal consulting. Our strategy is to partner with our clients to deliver a flexible combination of services that are tailored to their needs.


To be the Leading boutique firm in promoting Legal & business Management best practice in Tanzania.


Uphold the highest ethical standards and promote trust and respect

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